Sync the City


Sync the City 2022 is a 54 Hour event that brings together budding entrepreneurs with experienced business mentors and technology expertise, during which groups of entrepreneurs, developers, business managers, marketing gurus, graphic artists pitch ideas for new startup companies.

Looks amazing right?

You will be part of 1 of 12+ teams, consisting of engineers, designers and business people (professional and students) who will work for 54 hours to build your own digital business startup from scratch! We have mentors on hand to guide you through the structure process. The finale will be your team pitching your business (for fun or for profit) in front of the public and 5 expert judges .

You never know, you may witness the birth of next Facebook or Amazon or we might discover the next Elon Musk or Steve Jobs, so don’t miss out! Also, students its the perfect experience to put on your CV (thats if you don’t get hired at the event!).

So, if you are a budding or professional entrepreneur, developer, software engineer, business manager, marketing guru, graphic artist, data scientist or anybody who likes to muck in, then sign up! If you don’t know anything about technology, but you have a problem at work in which you think technology could solve it, then grab a Non Technical ticket and come along. We have had Black Cab drivers, Surgeons and all kinds of people in previous events.

Come boost your confidence, change the world, network, make friends, learn a whole bunch, or simply experience what it’s like to work in a digital business or tech startup for 3 days!